final reflection

For my final, I decided to complete three projects: a survey, an infographic on that survey, and a sound effect video. the first time i did my survey, I was not proud of how I carried it out, as well as what I based it on. I decided to complete another survey to perfect it. I added pictures to every question to make it more neat-looking. I asked more specific questions, that would lead to better results and conclusions to draw from it. the infographic was based on the results, and went more in depth with why it may have led to those conclusions. finally, since I enjoyed the sound effect music project- yet had trouble with perfecting it the first time- I decided to complete that. I changed the songs, and incorporated as many sound effects as I could fit in the song, having 8 sound effects altogether.

Infographic Final Project

Survey Final Project


Robot Timeline

Info-graphic Results Analysis

Free Time Infographic

The purpose of this survey was to find what people do in their free time, if they had any. If they didn't, the survey found what the cause of that was. The results were surprising, seeing how for the question of how much free tie a day they had, 46.2% answered they had more then an hour of free time a day. the surprising part was because of the last question when it asked if they wished for more free time, 100% answered yes. Although this is surprising because the almost half of the students already have much free time in the day, one way in which the schools could help with having kids not feel this way would be to extend the lunch period. lunch period is barely 20 minutes long, and eating food as fast as you can piles up on the already excessive amount of stress for students. If lunch were to be extended just ten minutes longer, it would allow students to relax a bit more and socialize, reducing the levels of stress and anxiety in the school. One thing I wou…

Free Time Survey