Summer Infographic

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Fake News Review

The first website that I reviewed was:
With this website, it's very easy to see that this is a fake website. the first reason being that there is no information to contact the doctor, and the website is very messy with only three paragraphs of information. The main reason is how the said "doctor" doesn't even know what shes talking about. child's life may be free of such diseases as cancer, Alzheimer's, and heart disease -- as well as conditions like obesity, aggression, and dyslexia." This is completely wrong because you cannot get rid of dyslexia or aggression, but you can rather treat it to get better.

The next website  I looked at was:
This website was much neater than the genochoice website, allowing people to be more easily fooled. However, if you decide to look up this "dog island" on google, there are absolutely no results for this island. the fact that this place is com…

Point of View

This is a great example of point of view. every year, thousands of tourist come to Brazil and visit this famous cliff, where they can hang off the side of what seems to be thousands of feet in the air. However, this is not the case, as you can see with the first picture. The reality of the cliff is that it's just a couple of feet off ground. With the second picture, you can see how with the point of view of the camera only showing the cliff and getting a high view, it is easy to be fooled with what's happening.

Lesson Six


Lesson Five

The Photoshop part are the new red flowers in the middle.